Neuroethics Portal

Welcome to the Neuroethics Portal of the Neurophilosophy section at the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Neurosciences of the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz.

Aims of this portal

This portal aims at providing a complete and up-to-date overview of all publications in the discipline of “Neuroethics” from 1985 until today.

As such, the Neuroethics Portal presents a first starting point for researchers who want to engage in “Neuroethics”.

In addition, the website posts general news about the field of Neuroethics such as conference announcements and gives users the possibility to directly communicate with other researches in the forum. Aside from the supervised bibliography and link section, there is the possibility to directly directly inform each other in the forum.

  • Go directly to the bibliography

    (Registered users have the possibility to edit and download the bibliography!)
  • Neuroethics bibliography at Mendeley

    Mendeley is a research management tool and social network in one. To enhance usability of the bibliography for students and young researchers and enable tagging of individual citations, the bibliography will be accessible on Mendley. You can now stay updated about the newest publications in neuroethics by subscribing to one of two possible RSS-feeds. Signing up with Mendeley is not nessesary to subscribe to the feed. If you choose to use Mendeley to collaborate with fellow researchers or work on an assignments for a course on neuroethics for instance, you can now access the neuroethics bibliography from your Mendeley profile.