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Take a look around the digitalised library of Arthur Schopenhauer. For some time now, the first part of Schopenhauer's library has been digitalised and is available to you free of charge. So far, Francesco Rossi has recorded 138 documents (facsimile/PDF) containing marignalia, corrigenda and underlinings of Schopenhauer.

Homepage of the japanese Schopenhauer-Society

Homepage of the Centro interdipartimentale di ricerca su Arthur Schopenhauer e la sua scuola in Italy

Homepage of the Sociedad de Estudios en Español sobre Schopenhauer (SEES) in Spain

Homepage about Schopenhauer from Guy Heff in France

Schopenhauer in Dresden

International Philipp Mainländer-Society

Homepage Online Journal Voluntas

International Research Network of the Schopenhauer-Gesellschaft Unfortunately, there is actually no hyperlink available.

Mission statement (December 2010)

With a dynamic research group whose members come from a variety of different academic backgrounds, it is the International Research Network's mission to further research activities in the English language on all aspects of the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer.

Learn more about the aims of the International Research Network of the Schopenhauer-Gesellschaft.

The steering committee members are: Prof. dr. Bart Vandenabeele (Ghent University; Chair, e-mail to Bart Vandenabeele), Prof. dr. Dieter Birnbacher (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf), dr. Daniel Came (University of Oxford), Prof. dr. David Cartwright (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater), Prof. dr. Christopher Janaway (University of Southampton), dr. Alex Neill (University of Southampton), and dr. Sandra Shapshay (Graduate Center CUNY & Hunter College).

Arthur Schopenhauer as interpret of Goethe's Faust

Texts from Schopenhauer that are available online

Über Rechtschreibung

Die Kunst, Recht zu behalten

Über die Weiber

Fabeln und Parabeln

Über das Geistersehen und was damit zusammenhängt


News about Schopenhauer on the internet and in print

Schopenhauer's handwritten legacy on the internet

Newer translation of
Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung:

The World as Will and Presentation
translated by Richard E. Aquila in cooperation with David Carus

You can find a reading sample of the second volume here.

More literature about Schopenhauer's life and work

Robert Zimmer: Arthur Schopenhauer. Ein philosophischer Weltbürger, dtv premium, München, Juli 2010, 300 pages.

David Cartwright: Arthur Schopenhauer. A Biography, Cambridge University Press, 2010, 575 pages.

Schopenhauer: Oder die Erfindung der Altersweisheit. By Otto A. Böhmer. München 2010.

"Arthur Schopenhauer and China: A Sino-Platonic Love Affair"
by Urs App, Online-Edition 2010 (177 pages).

Thinking the Unconscious, Günter Gödde, Chistopher Janaway et al. 2010.

Two Fundamental Problems of Ethics. A translation from German into English from David Cartwright, Edward E. Erdmann, Christopher Janaway, Oxford 2010.

Better Consciousness: Schopenhauer's Philosophy of Value. By Alex Neill,Christopher Janaway. 2009.

Schopenhauer. By Julian Young. 2005.

Self and World in Schopenhauer's Philosophy. By Christopher Janaway. Reprint. Oxford 2003.

Schopenhauer: a very short introduction. By Christopher Janaway. Oxford 1994 u. 2002.

Arthur Schopenhauer aus persönlichen Umgange presented by Wilhelm Gwinner.

Friedrich Nietzsche: Schopenhauer als Erzieher

Stanford Encyklopedia of Philosophy "Arthur Schopenhauer and China: A Sino-Platonic Love Affair" By Urs App, Online-Edition 2010 (177 Seiten).

Arthur Schopenhauer aus persönlichen Umgange dargestellt Von Wilhelm Gwinner

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The collection of the indexes of all volumes of the Schopenhauer-Yearbook have been completed. The scientific contributions are to be made accessible on this page by means of author, keyword and name indexes. Our long term aim is to provide a thorough Schopenhauer-bibliography.

Some of the articles that are published in the Schopenhauer-Yearbook are accessible as pdf.-file. You can find the articles that are already accessible through the tables of contents. The articles that are available if the author’s name is underlined. Click on the author’s name to open, print or save a copy of the file.

Restriction due to copyright:

We will gradually enable the articles from the yearbooks from the years 1912-1937. Currently there are only articles from volumes 1 to 24 accessible whose authors are highlighted as links.

From yearbook 1938 onwards, the linked author names will lead to the file as usual.

Call for consent

We kindly ask all those authors of Schopenhauer-yearbook, who haven’t been contacted by us yet, to send us their consent to the publication of their contributions on the internet (on our website). In order to do so, please use the form provided for you to download and send it by post to the following address:

Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Colonel-Kleinmann-Weg 2
D-55128 Mainz (Germany)

Thank you for your kind support. This link will take you to the Schopenhauer-yearbook on the Schopenhauer-Societies’ website.

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