Research Group on Neuroethics and Neurophilosophy

Please note that all projects are closed!

In recent years, the ethical issues arising from the rapid progress of the neurosciences have led to the development of a new scientific discipline: Neuroethics. This new interdisciplinary field comprises a rather broad range of topics from research into the neurophysiological basis of moral behavior to the applied ethics of neuroscience.

During the last years the Research Group at the University of Mainz has established the first open, centrally governed and supervised Online-bibliography, which is kept complete and up-to-date by the neuroethics community itself – a 'literature wikiography'.

In 2008 researchers from the University of Mainz in collaboration with colleagues from Vancouver, Canada, succeeded in starting a joint project on Cognitive Enhancement within the framework of a trilateral funding measure on 'Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Modern Neurosciences'. It is amended by a doctoral researcher group financed by Mainz University and dealing especially with topics owned to humanities and social sciences.

Since 2009 the subproject 'Theoretical, Anthropological and Ethical Issues in Brain-Computer Interaction' of the EU-funded project 'Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction (TOBI)' is located in Mainz, too.

Current projects focus on Pharmacological Neuroenhancement, Neuroenhancement, Responsible Resarch and Innovation (NERRI) and on the impact of the Neuro-turn in the European Social Siences and Humanities (NESSHI).