Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger

Director: MPE-Research Network Director: MIND Group Adjunct Fellow: Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies President: Barbara-Wengeler-Stiftung Contact E-mail:        <lastname> @ Voicemail:  +49 (0) 6131/39-23279 Fax:            +49 (0) 6131/39-25141 Office hours: By e-mail appointment. Postal address: Philosophisches Seminar | Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz | D-55099 Mainz → Philosophicum, Jakob-Welder-Weg 18, 00-515 You are looking for the PPP-website? → Philosophy and Predictive Processing You are looking for the Open MIND-website?  → Sie suchen die deutsche Webseite? →  Deutsche Seite Special Issue, all completely open access: Metzinger, T. & Millière, R. (2020b). Radical Disruptions of Self-Consciousness. Philosophy and the Mind Sciences, 1(I). In a new journal, all completely open access: Philosophy and the Mind Sciences. Edited by Sascha Fink, Wanja Wiese und Jennifer Windt. The Festschrift for my 60th birthday: 55 authors, 28 contributions, all completely open access. Edited by Sascha Fink, Wanja Wiese und Jennifer Windt.  English material on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence … Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger weiterlesen